edddy present :
a new DS homebrew game
  snake dual screen 
In progress: 100% @march 17 2008


end for fall 3/2008.

  Soon on your DS  
  Download it
Featuring :

-multiple way to move Snake :
  • With Pad,
  • with Stylus
  • or with ds motion

-Eat eggs, grow and watchout for chicken

-More than 20 levels, with normal and hard mode.
Screenshots :
Credits :
-concept, realisation, coding, design :
( Edouard Gautier)
-realsed with :
PA Lib
080203 "Community Release" - BETA
Mappy 1.4
by Robin Burrows
-Music: (samples of):
"Johnny boy is alive!"
by Wonder
(Guillermo Simmross Wattenberg).


Thanks to all the homebrew dev scene

Coding is an Art.